November 3, 2017

Pantelis Soultanakis, Megaklis Vasilakis & Dimitris Velegrakis


Pantelis Soultanakis, Delivery Manager and Scrum Master

I am currently working in Arhs Developmentd Hellas as Delivery Manager and Scrum Master. I am involved in several outsourced projects for a major client in Belgium. This means that my main duty is to help the teams deliver services and products in the agreed time frame and budget in order to achieve maximum client satisfaction. My second objective is to act as catalyst for creating and maintaining highly motivated and productive teams.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Telematics and I am certified Scrum Master.

After finishing my studies, I joined a company for 2 years as an engineer for localizing Microsoft Windows.

Later in my professional life, and for the next 16 years I was part of various software development teams as software engineer for designing and developing web and mobile applications for major clients in Greece like Cosmote, Intralot, and ING.

However, for the last 6 years before joining Arhs Dev Hellas I was the Technical Team Leader and Software Architect in various projects related to EU Institutions and Agencies heavily exposing myself in a highly multicultural and demanding but very interesting working environment.


Megaklis Vasilakis, Analyst Programmer

My name is Megaklis Vasilakis and I am working for Arhs Developments Hellas as an Analyst Programmer. I love working with JavaScript and learning about new tech.

Currently working on a large application for a customer in Belgium, my responsibilities include front end development in Angular 4 , back end development in Node (Express) and Couch-Pouch databases.

My previous experience includes working in various projects using React/Redoux, Angulajs, Ionic, etc.




Dimitris Velegrakis, Senior Software Engineer

I am currently working in Arhs Developmentd Hellas as a Senior Software Engineer. I am involved in several outsourced projects for a major client in telecommunications in Belgium.  My main duty is the design, development and maintenance of a commercial application.

I have a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science.

As a Senior Software Engineer for over seven years , I have been participated in various large scale projects based on Java Enterprise frameworks and technologies.

My proven expertise in the entire software development lifecycle and agile methodologies helped me to communicate confidently and effectively with my colleagues in order to manage project targets.